Turf Comparison

 Carabooda Winter Green Matilda Soft Buffalo Carabooda Sports Kikuyu
DESCRIPTION: Hybrid couch specifically bred for Australian conditions. Ideal for children, pets and high wear areas.
Matilda’s durability and salt tolerance makes it ideal for coastal areas, pool surrounds, small pets and children.Grows prolifically. It is the ideal lawn for large rural properties and is widely used throughout parks and schools in WA.
APPEARANCE: Fine Leaf Broad LeafMedium Broad Leaf
COLOUR: Light Green Rich GreenBright Green
SUN / SHADE: Full Sun (Min. 4 Hours) Part Shade / Full Sun (Min. 4 Hours)Filtered Sun / Full Sun (Min. 4 Hours)
WATERING: Low / Med (40ml / week) MediumHigh
GROWTH HABIT:Horizontal. Edging recommended to 150mm. Deep dense root system (underground runners).Horizontal. Non Invasive, Shallow root system (surface runners).Vertical unless mowed aggressively. Invasive, prolific growth, suited to rural. Deep root system (underground runners).
SEASONS:Dormant during WinterActive during WinterActive during Winter
MOWING:Medium Low / Medium High
WEAR TOLERANCE:High Traffic Low / Medium Traffic Medium Traffic
PETS:Large Dogs Small Dogs Small / Medium Dogs.
ROLL AREA0.754 m20.754 m2 0.754 m2
ROLL LENGTH1.64 m1.64 m1.64 m
ROLL WIDTH460 mm460 mm460 mm