Improve Sandy Soil With Minimum Effort

mountains of soil

Hi there Lawn lovers.

We get a lot of inquiries regarding how to combat Perth’s sandy soils.

We recommend improving your soil to  protect your investment of a brand new Carabooda Lawn.

Of course you can go to a lot of effort of moving mountains of soil conditioner that will only go part way to improving your soil structure.

In our opinion this is an expensive and back breaking way to go about it, let alone worrying about where you dump the mountains of soil which you had to remove and whether it will stain your driveway and paving or break your existing reticulation system

Carabooda Lawn offers the perfect, efficient and cost effective alternative to this overwhelming method of amending your soils.

We offer a range of products available with your next turf delivery. For example if you needed to fix 300m2 of sand before a turf installation just the cost of soil conditioner would amount to around $1500. Add to this the cost of the busy bee BBQ’s to get your mates to help you move the soil and install the lawn over many weekends.

Going on the example of 300m2 – We think you would be better off using two bags of Biomac granules, five big buckets of Sand Remedy, two bottles of Biagra liquid and one bucket of Fert-o-Lawn at a total cost of approximately $650.00 – a lot less work, providing  the perfect ingredients to make sure you “Love the feeling” of your new Carabooda Lawn for years to come. Once all ingredients are incorporated into your soil they will protect your lawn investment for years to come, avoiding high unnecessary costs, possible damage and a lot more time to enjoy your new lawn with family and friends.

Work Smarter not Harder!