Matilda Buffalo Grass Perth

Matilda Soft Buffalo

Matilda is an Australian hairless, low allergen and shade tolerant buffalo. It is deep green in colour with a dense root system and vigorous growth which inhibits weeds. Matilda’s durability and salt tolerance makes it the ideal lawn for pets children, coastal area’s and poolside.

Sir Walter Soft Buffalo

Sir Walter is probably the best-known brand of soft buffalo in Australia. It is shade-tolerant with a horizontal growth pattern. Just like Matilda Soft Buffalo, it has a vigorous horizontal growth pattern providing dense coverage, which assists with inhibiting weeds. It is an ideal low-maintenance lawn and soft to touch.

Couch Lawn Perth

Winter Green Couch

Winter Green is a fine leafed couch lawn visually similar to Windsor Green. It has an emerald green colour and is the most popular domestic and commercial lawn variety specifically bred for Australian conditions. It is used on everything from bowling greens and parks to roadside verges and the home garden.

Couch Grass Perth

Windsor Green Couch

Windsor Green is a fine leafed soft hybrid couch lawn visually similar to Winter Green. It was bred specifically for sporting activities, so is suitable for high wear areas and children’s play areas. Windsor Green is very drought tolerant lawn due to its fine leaf and deep root system. A minimum of 4 hours direct sunlight is required for adequate growth.

Carabooda Kikuyu

Kikuyu is a bright green soft leaf turf grass. It is predominantly used in parks, public open space and rural properties. It is vigorous and easy to grow. With its creeping nature and seed head it self-propagates and repairs quickly in areas of high traffic however it requires more water and mowing than other varieties of Lawn.