Lawn Fertiliser


Humus – 400

Humus 400 is a Premium Conditioner to boost soil fertility and plant nutrition.

  • High water holding capacity and nutrient retention
  • Improves soil structure
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Buffers pH, aluminium and sodium
  • 15Kg covers 100m2 – $45.00

Mineral Magic

Mineral Magic is both non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and 100% natural mineral.

  • Reduced leaching – protects the environment and saving on fertilisers
  • Inert and doesn’t interfere with pH – assists in ability to take up nutrients
  • Increased growth & quality – aesthetic and less susceptible to disease, heat stress and insects
  • Reduced plant stress – lower cost by less water and nutrients required
  • 10Kg covers 20m2 – 50m2 – $40

Carabooda Granular Fertiliser

Carabooda Granular Fertiliser is our special blend of NPK fertiliser which has been specifically formulated for optimum turf growth. Suitable for all turf varieties.

  • Ideal for new or existing lawn
  • We recommend fertilising every 6-8 weeks
  • 3Kg covers 150m2 – $35.00

Organic 2000

Organic 2000 is a composted poultry fertiliser. A turf starter which builds soil structure

  • Naturally balanced NPK
  • Organic composted fertiliser pellets
  • Activates soil microbiology
  • 25Kg covers 150m2 – $35.00

Aqua Force Premium Soil Wetter

This wetting agent is the preferred product by professional landscapers, boasting long term water repellency with rapid penetration.

  • Water saver, reducing loss from evaporation and run off
  • Comes in an easy-to-use hose-on application
  • 2 litre container treats 200 m2 of turf – $35.00

Please let us know if you would like to order any of these fertilisers with your turf order for delivery together.


Lawn Starter Pack – $115.00

We can help you achieve the best lawn in the street using our Premium Lawn Starter Pack. When only the best will do !

  • Aqua Force
    Premium Soil Wetting Agent
    Boasts long-term water repellency
    Preferred wetting agent by professional landscapers
    Easy to use hose-on 2L container – treats 200m2 of turf
  • Mineral Magic
    100% natural silica mineral soil improver
    One-off application which remains in the soil without interfering with the soils PH
    Highwater retention capacity
  • Carabooda Granular NPK Fertiliser
    Specifically formulated for Western Australian conditions
    Apply to established or new lawn every 6-8 weeks
  • Organic 200
    The perfect organic turf starter. Building a rich and balanced soil
    Apply to soil before laying new lawn

90 DAY TURF WARRANTY with every ‘LAWN STARTER PACK’ supplied from the date of your turf purchase. (*Below conditions apply)

This ‘Turf Warranty’ guarantees the performance of your new turf supplied by Carabooda Lawn and does not relate to any weed or insect pest that may be present on your property as these products do not contain herbicides or insecticides. They are purely to assist with water retention and fertilising your new turf!

  1. A sprinkler system must be present and operational with a timer, ensuring that your new lawn can be watered for 3 x 20 minute intervals (ideally 6am, 11am and 2pm). We do not recommend watering late in the day as there is minimal evaporation.
  2. All products supplied in this pack should be applied wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions. Fertilisers should always be watered in well following application to avoid any burning to the plant.
  3. Once the ground is levelled, apply the Mineral Magic, Organic 2000 and rake into the soil, then using your hose apply the Aqua Force and water the area well, before proceeding to place the turf rolls lengthways around the perimeter of the area to be installed, followed by remaining rolls in a brick-like fashion. It is important to compact the lawn preferably using a plate compactor to remove any air pockets between the turf roll and the ground.
  4. Turf delivered should be installed immediately following delivery.
  5. Using your Water Exemption, apply water as described in Point 1, until the turf rolls have formed new white roots and the rolls are firmly attached to the ground. At this point you can begin to gradually reduce your waterings from three times to two times daily, then twice to once daily, until your lawn is established well enough to graduate to normal watering times.
  6. Your first few mows should be minimal, barely removing the tips of the lawn, gradually achieving a straight surface. Harsh mowing should be avoided.
  7. At 6-8 weeks from installation, you should apply the first application of Carabooda NPK Granular which is a high quality fertiliser, watering in immediately, and repeat every 6-8 weeks.

We are here to help you achieve a beautiful lawn, so if you have any questions, please give us a call on P: 9407 5288.