My Sisters Birthday

If you have ever had or shared a Jacaranda you will know that the best thing about them is that for 3 weeks of the year they don’t drop anything. But every year around my sisters Birthday those once lovely purple trumpet shaped flowers begin to drop. Heaven forbid if you had a pool. Even just for lawn lovers, it is a constant job to remove what falls from the tree. Once upon a time i used to rake the lawn daily. After raking the lawn every day for 2 weeks one evening i gave up after doing only half of my lawn. The next morning i arose to find that, not only could you not even tell that I had raked the previous evening – you couldn’t even see the rake on my lawn!

Some would say that it is romantic, eye pleasing to have petals on your lawn. Me and the bees would agree. But the problem is that it is not optimal for anything to block off the photosynthesis on the plant, shading the leaf structure from the sun. Doing this will result in sub-optimal performance of your lawn.

Our “Matilda Buffalo” variety is the most shade tolerant turf available in Australia. It is hairless, soft-leaf and low allergen. That means it won’t make you itchy like some other buffalo’s. It doesn’t turn purple in colder weather and retains a deep green colour all year ’round and even in winter. We are very proud to say our variety gets top marks when tested against other varieties in all categories. The extract from the HAL Buffalo study is available>.here.<   It truly is a low maintenance option that will stun your customers and your neighbours. Matilda’s durability and salt tolerance makes it the ideal lawn for pets children, coastal area’s and poolside.

  • Low maintenance
  • Soft leaf and hard wearing
  • Low allergen
  • Shade tolerant also thrives in full sun
  • Salt tolerant – ideal for coastal and poolside applications

Carabooda Kikuyu” is grown at Carabooda Lawn using our stringent and rigid control systems. It has a bright green colour all year ’round. It has been the most popular grass to be specified in schools, golf course and all other commercial and municipal works.
With its creeping nature and seed head it self-propagates and repairs quickly in areas of high traffic however it requires more water and mowing than other varieties of Lawn.

  • Tolerant of heavy wear and traffic
  • Soft leaf makes it ideal for children and pets
  • Attractive bright green
  • Good weed inhibitor derived from its highly competitive growth habits

Anyway i gave up on the rake in the end and went to Bunnings to buy an outdoor roller vac.
Bunnings WA also stock out premium range of lawn varieties. They can even organise to have it delivered to your house freshly cut from the farm. Our Display stands are featured in nearly every Metro store. Go on go touch the display then you too will – Love the feeling

Ask in the Greenlife and Special Orders departments at Bunnings for more details.