Lawn Installation

Turf Installation

Carabooda Lawn can supply you with contact details of their “Approved Installers” in your area.

The Installer deals directly with you, providing a quotation for work to be done – removing rubbish, amending soil, installing or repairing reticulation, levelling the site, applying fertiliser and wetting agent if required and installing one of Carabooda Lawn’s beautiful turf varieties.

Lawn Installation Instructions


To determine the amount of lawn required, multiply the length by the width of the area to be planted. This will give you the total m2 required to complete the project.

Site Preparation

Prior to your new lawn arriving ensure the area is free from debris, weeds and plant matter. Ideally, to assist with nutrient and water retention we recommend replacing the top 100mm with a high-quality loam landscape mix, lightly compacting the final level 30mm below paving/driveways. To work out the quantity of landscape mix required, follow this formula – soil depth 0.1 x turf m2 = landscape mix m3. The optimum PH is 7.


Pop-up sprinklers should be set at ground level and working adequately to water the entire area. A firm moist soil bed encourages lawn establishment.


You will require a shovel, a rake, a wheelbarrow, a cutting knife, a screed bar and a compactor/roller. It is recommended to use sheets of ply or wooden planks to avoid creating depressions in the final prepared levels. Personal items should include enclosed footwear, a pair of gardening gloves, a pair of safety glasses, a dust mask, a hat and possibly some sunscreen.

Installing your lawn

It is recommended to install your new lawn as soon as possible following receipt of your delivery. Water the prepared area before laying full rolls lengthwise around the perimeter, tamping as your progress. Then, working from the rear of the area to the front, lay the remaining lawn rolls in a brickwork pattern. Firmly butt rolls together by pushing, do not stretch the rolls. If you are doing a large area, it is important to water the area a few times until the job is completed. When all lawn is installed, compact using a plate compactor or roller to remove all air pockets between the lawn and the soil giving you a premium finish.


The Water Corporation has granted an exemption from watering restrictions for new lawns.

To obtain an exemption, phone 13 10 39 or apply online

During the vital first days following installation, your lawn should not be allowed to dry out. Over the first two weeks, apply water three times a day to a depth of 10mm per application, preferably early morning, mid-morning and early afternoon (6am, 10am, 2pm).

Once the lawn establishes, gradually reduce watering applications working towards applying 10mm twice weekly.


Your lawn should be lightly mowed after 10 – 12 days, preferably using a cylinder mower. The first mow should be set high, with reductions to the mowing height in subsequent mows to your desired finish.

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